• On Not Being Scottish or Australian

    Thought I ought to say this upfront for some reason: I am non-binary. I don’t identify as a Man or as a Woman. That might be important later.

  • The Experiment

    Experiment One

  • Reality by Consensus

    Imagine if you forgot what one of the rooms in your house looked like, and when you returned, it had changed, it was “refreshed”. It had refreshed, not into some absurd wonderland of glowing fungi and strange creatures, but to one consistent with what you believed a room ought to be. Perhaps there was a lightswitch outside, that now instead of turning on the fluorescent globe, turned on a LED one. Maybe the books on the shelves had refreshed, but the ones you remembered and remembered reading, had remained. The size of the room was constrained, because you remembered how long it took to walk around the outside. Given your means and taste, it was appropriately furnished. Perhaps you walked into the room because you forgot where you left your keys, and encountered a lovely couch (green, your favourite) and found the keys wedged between the cushions. This made perfect sense because you remembered sitting in that room. But, when you were there, you actually sat on a red couch, and didn’t have your keys. But, your keys refreshed there, because you forgot where you left them.

  • Solving Wordle in 3.64 Guesses on Average, 99.4% of the Time

    Hey all, I’ve been enjoying wordle, the puzzle game recently but also wondered how a program might do at it.

  • AdTech Magazine Month in Review: June 2050

    New Cloud Offering: Silicon Sterilization

  • Bruteforcing Beautiful Cellular Automata Rulesets with Golang


  • The Confusing Active Record Pattern

    This article is a response to the highly rated on the orange website article by Cal Paterson on why the “Active Record” pattern is “Troublesome”.

  • Low-Bandwidth Infrastructure for Remote Work Created with Scripts

    One potential solution for working in a low-bandwidth remote work scenario is to make your development environment run remotely, allowing you to send commands to a higher-bandwidth server and tunneling the ports you need back home (no packages install locally). I’ve created some Terraform scripts to enable this.

  • Experiments in Infrastructure for Remote Work: Part 1


  • AdTech Sucks: AdTech is Good, Actually

    I think this does a disservice to the world evil and trivialises it: Hitler is evil. War is evil. Ad tech.. Inconvenient? Frustrating? Possibly infringing on your civil liberties? All possible, likely depending on which ad company it is, but evil?

    Ad Industry Member tells me what’s what in response to my last post, 2019

  • AdTech Sucks: This Time It's Personal IDs


  • AdTech Sucks

    AdTech sucks.

  • A little bit about me

    I’m Tom, and I’m a developer.